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Janet's Jacket

Janet Zeigler shows off the beautiful sweater she made with X-Calibur and Day handspun yarn she purchased at the Starry Night Alpaca cottage.

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Meet Java, the Alpaca with the Award Winning Fleece

Alpaca fleece is exceedingly soft and lightweight, yet durable and warm. Fleece quality is evaluated on a number of properties, but the most important to the knitter, weaver and wearer are softness, luster and brightness, durability and uniformity.

At Starry Night Alpaca Farm, Java's fleece is in a galaxy by itself. Her beige coat glows and is softer than cashmere. Her fleece has received numerous state and national awards.

RovingsMany of the items available in our Farm Store Cottage are handspun, woven or knitted by Cindy Johnston.  Cindy is a professional watercolor artist who also owns the 3rd Street Gallery in New Cumberland, PA. Her artistic talents have been recognized with numerous awards for spinning and weaving.

In addition to our own homespun goods, We also carry some very fine imported Alpaca products including: sweaters, hats, scarves, gloves, shawls, ponchos, socks and toys. We also stock skeins of yarn and rovings for hand spinners, knitters and weavers.   Unlike sheep’s wool, alpaca fiber contains no lanolin and is not scratchy.

Starry Night Alpaca Farm
Cindy and Scott Johnston
653 Observatory Rd.
Lewisberry, PA
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